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Louisiana Paralysis Lawyer

Attorney for Serious Spinal Cord Injuries

Serious injuries to the spinal cord are catastrophic and often lead to permanent partial or even total paralysis. Quadriplegia — paralysis doctor looking at an MRIfrom the shoulder area down — and paraplegia — paralysis from the waist area down – are the most serious forms of spinal cord injury and require ongoing medical treatment. Caring for persons with serious spinal cord injuries can be extremely expensive, so if the injury is the result of another’s negligence, the settlement needs to be appropriate to pay for lifelong care.

Paralysis attorney Thomas V. Alonzo has experience working with experts to prepare Life Care Plans for clients with severe injuries. The Life Care Plan details all of the current and anticipated future expenses necessary for caring for the injured person, including wheel chair ramps, costs of retrofitting the home, medical treatment, medications, therapy, and home care. With catastrophic injuries like damage to the spinal cord, it is vital that you hire a personal injury lawyer with experience litigating chronic healthcare claims.

Thomas V. Alonzo Is Not Afraid to Go to Trial

In his 23 years of personal injury litigation, Thomas V. Alonzo has refused many settlement offers and subsequently obtained substantial jury verdicts. In some cases the insurance company will settle just prior to the trial date. In a paraplegia case involving a South Louisiana man who suffered a fall while using defective equipment, the insurance company agreed to a six figure settlement on the day of trial. Mr. Alonzo’s willingness to go to trial and his extensive trial preparation was instrumental in convincing the insurance company to reach a favorable settlement agreement.

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If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury in Louisiana that was caused by someone else’s negligent actions, you may be entitled to compensation. Call accident lawyer Thomas V. Alonzo at (337) 704-2615 for a confidential evaluation of your case. All initial consultations are free and we can come to you if necessary.

Personal Injury FAQs

Thomas V. Alonzo answers frequently asked questions about filing personal injury claims in Louisiana and Mississippi. Personal Injury FAQs

Past Case Results

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