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Louisiana Electrocution Accident Attorney

Electricity is so powerful that utilities, product manufacturers and other companies that work with electrical wiring must follow stringent safety regulations. Electrocution attorney Thomas V. Alonzo has experience electrical wires litigating electrical injury lawsuits and has fully researched electrical safety codes, ordinances and industry standards. If a company does not properly follow the codes, they are negligent for any accidents that result.

Many electrocution injuries are severe. The skin can be badly burned, and the electrical shock can damage the nervous system, the heart and the brain. Severe electrocution can result in wrongful death. If your injury is serious, your medical costs and pain and suffering can be substantial, so it is important to seek full compensation from the negligent party for present and future care.

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If you or a loved one has suffered an electrocution injury and another is at fault, you need expert legal assistance immediately. Call Thomas V. Alonzo for a free evaluation of your case. (337) 704-2615

Worksite Electrocution Accidents

Industrial and construction workers are particularly at risk of an electrocution injury when they are working around metal tools and machinery, live wires, extension cords, cables, and electrical equipment. Depending upon the circumstances of the case, an injured worker may or may not be limited to worker’s compensation. Injury lawyer Thomas V. Alonzo will investigate all of the facts too see if a third party might be responsible.

Multi-Million Dollar Jury Awards for Electrocution Injury

Results: Thomas V. Alonzo represented a painter in Assumption Parish, Louisiana who was electrocuted when his metal painting rod came into contact with an un-insulated power line next to the metal building he was painting. Initially the man thought he would be limited to worker’s compensation, but Mr. Alonzo was able to determine that the power line was too close to the building and did not conform to the National Electrical Safety Code. As lead counsel of record, Thomas Alonzo brought the claim to trial and two juries found a third party, the power company, to be liable — awarding the man $4.2 million at the first trial and $2.8 million at the second trial. For more successful personal injury verdicts and settlements, please see our Past Case Results Page.

If you have suffered an electrocution injury, it is critical that you contact an experienced electrocution injury attorney right away. Mr. Alonzo will speak with you personally to evaluate your claim and answer any questions you might have. Call the Law Firm of Thomas V. Alonzo at (337) 704-2615 in Lafayette, Louisiana for a free consultation. Mr. Alonzo can visit you at your home or hospital if necessary.

Personal Injury FAQs

How Do I Know if I Have a Claim?

If your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence and you have suffered actual losses as a result of the injury, you may have a claim for compensation.

What can I recover for?

Depending on the case, you can recover for any or all of the following: present medical bills, future medical bills, emotional and psychological losses, wage loss, future wage loss, and damage to property.

What is my case worth?

The amount that you could receive from a settlement or jury award depends on several factors: type of injury, severity of injury, current and future medical bills, wage loss, other losses and also the degree of negligence of each party. We will have a general idea of what a particular case is worth based on many years of experience litigating personal injury claims. However, each case is unique, so past results are only a guide to determine the value of your specific claim.

Do I really need a lawyer?

The insurance company representative may tell you that you can settle directly with them and do not need a lawyer. The fact is that the adjuster is working for the insurance company, not for you. Their goal is to pay the least amount possible to settle your claim. What may seem to be a large settlement offer may not actually be enough to cover many years of medical bills and loss of earning capacity. Especially for serious injuries, it is easy to underestimate the amount of money needed for your future.

For more information, see our Personal Injury FAQs page.

Past Case Results

Please see our Past Case Results page for personal injury settlements and verdicts litigated by Thomas V. Alonzo.

Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

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