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Louisiana Juvenile Defense Attorney

When a child must defend themselves against criminal charges in juvenile court, it is vital to have expert legal assistance. The experience is often frightening and confusing, and the child’s future prospects can be diminished by a negative outcome. Thomas V. Alonzo is a juvenile crimes attorney with experience representing teens and children in the Louisiana juvenile court system.

Our law firm will help guide you and your child through the legal process and will aggressively defend your child’s freedom and future. We take a personalized approach to juvenile defense. You can always call our law office with questions and concerns. We want to help your child get back on track, and be free of a lifetime of stigma and reduced opportunities. Our initial consultation is free – please call or email our office for an appointment. (337) 704-2615.

Louisiana Juvenile Court

In Louisiana, a juvenile is defined as a child under 17 years of age. Juveniles who have been accused of a crime will have their case heard in a special court that is separate from adult criminal court. This is because the court recognizes that teenagers and children are not always fully responsible for their actions. Peer pressure, hanging around an older crowd, wanting to fit in, acting impulsively, making a bad decision or simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time can result in one or more criminal charges. Crimes that juveniles can be accused of include drunk driving, possession of illegal drugs, minor possession of alcohol, sexual charges, assault and battery, vandalism, and shoplifting and theft.

How the Thomas V. Alonzo Law Firm Can Help

There are many reasons a child can get caught up in a situation that gets out of their control, but once criminal charges are filed, it is important to defend your child aggressively. We can assist you through every step of the judicial process. First, we will meet with you and your child to learn about your child’s specific circumstances. This will help us to prepare a strong defense strategy. Defense can include having family members and other witnesses testify at trial that the child has a positive home environment and will be helped to stay out of trouble in the future. In addition to preparing witnesses, Mr. Alonzo will evaluate all evidence, including photographs, fingerprints, physical evidence, medical information, and anything that can help defend your child. We will work hard for you to develop a comprehensive defense strategy for the trial.

Working Towards the Best Outcome for Your Child

In adult criminal courts, the focus is generally on punishment and protecting the public. However, in juvenile court, there is more of an intent to rehabilitate and prevent youthful offenders from committing future crimes. Our goal in representing your child is to avoid detention in a juvenile facility by taking advantage of the many programs that exist to help your child. Probation, community service, counseling or treatment programs and fines/restitution are some of the options available to juveniles in lieu of detention.

We will work hard to keep a juvenile criminal record from having negative effect on your child’s future. If your minor child is facing criminal charges in Lafayette Parish, Acadiana or Louisiana, please call our office at (337) 704-2615 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your child’s specific situation. You can also fill out our email form to request an appointment if that is more convenient for you.

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