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Lafayette, Louisiana Traffic Crimes Attorney

Most traffic violations are minor charges, resulting in tickets or fines, but if you have serious traffic-related criminal charges such as hit and run, DUI/DWI , or vehicular homicide, you can benefit from experienced legal representation. Criminal defense attorney Thomas V. Alonzo can help defend you against serious driving offenses including:


Traffic crimes can severely impact your life and livelihood. Drunk driving, hit and run, and multiple traffic violations can have serious implications including jail time and loss of driving privileges. Particularly if your job duties include driving, it is vital to protect your freedom and reputation.

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If you need assistance with a serious traffic violation or drunk driving issues, call the Thomas V. Alonzo Law Firm to find out what Mr. Alonzo can do for you. (337) 704-2615

A Strong and Aggressive Defense

If you are facing a felony traffic charge or multiple charges, criminal lawyer Thomas V. Alonzo may be able to have charges reduced or dropped. Each person’s situation is different, but Mr. Alonzo will prepare an aggressive and comprehensive defense specifically for you. Mr. Alonzo can also assist you with driver’s license issues related to drunk driving arrests including hardship licenses and reinstatement.

Vehicular Injuring and Vehicular Homicide

If you injure or kill someone while driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or both, you may find yourself with a criminal charge of Vehicular Negligent Injuring or Homicide. These charges are very serious and can include jail time. The minimum prison sentence for Vehicular Homicide in Louisiana is 5 years and 3 of the years must be served. If you are convicted of Vehicular Homicide in Louisiana, you WILL serve time. If you are accused of either of these charges, you need a skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you and fight for your freedom.

Fighting Traffic Charges in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia & Texas

Thomas V. Alonzo is licensed in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas. If you are facing serious traffic charges in one or more of these states, Mr. Alonzo can help you, including interstate and multistate driving violations.

As a criminal attorney and public defender with the Lafayette Parish Public Defender’s Office, Thomas V. Alonzo has worked in the courts for 20 years and knows how the criminal justice system works.

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