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Lafayette LA Sexual Charges Attorney

Defense against Rape, Sexual Assault Criminal Charges

Misdemeanor and felony sex charges can seriously impact your family, your freedom and your reputation. Lafayette, Louisiana Criminal defense attorney Thomas V. Alonzo believes that you are innocent until a case is proved against you and will provide nonjudgmental and confidential legal representation.

Criminal defense lawyer Thomas V. Alonzo has 20 years of experience defending clients against all sexual charges, including:

  • RAPE

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Sexual Crimes are Most often Felony Charges

A few sex charges, such as lewd behavior, are generally minor offenses, but most sex crimes are much more serious. Any offense involving a weapon or a child will automatically be a felony charge, and if you are convicted, you will have to register as a sexual offender.

Since your freedom and reputation will be permanently compromised if you are convicted of a felony sex charge, it is vital that you prepare the very best defense possible. Mr. Alonzo will act quickly and discretely to fully investigate all of the facts, interview witnesses, and hire any necessary experts to prepare a solid legal defense for you.

Criminal Charges for Consensual Sex

In Louisiana, age and ability to consent are key factors when determining if a crime has occurred. A sex act becomes a crime when there is intentional sexual touching of a person without their consent. The big issue is “consent” – there can be situations where the touching is voluntary and mutual, but the state does not see the act as consensual. If one of the participants is considered to be underage or incapacitated in some way, then the sexual activity becomes a criminal act. People who are incapacitated may not legally be able to consent to sexual contact or sex. This can be because of excessive drinking or drug use or can be because of a mental or physical impairment. If the sexual activity is considered consensual by both parties, but one of the parties is “underage” – i.e. 15 years of age and at least 3 years younger than the other party – it would be sexual battery or statutory rape. In Louisiana, not knowing the age of the person is not a defense. If a person looks 18 and says they are 18, but they are actually 14 years old, it does not make a difference legally. In these types of situations, defendants can find themselves fighting criminal charges for sexual activity they thought was consensual. Even if you feel that you have done nothing wrong, this is the time for aggressive and experienced criminal defense.

Louisiana Sexual Offender Registry

With sexual charges, the stakes are particularly high. If you are convicted of a sexual offense, you will have to register with the state Sexual Offender Registry for a certain period of time depending on the severity of the charge. Your name and address will be available to the public, and you will be required to notify neighbors that you are a sexual offender.

Status as a sexual offender carries social stigma and can affect job prospects and may limit where you can live. If you are facing conviction for a sexual charge, it is vital that you have an experienced criminal defense trial attorney like Thomas V. Alonzo fight improper charges and prepare a strong defense for you.

For information about the Louisiana Sexual Offender Registry, please see our Louisiana Criminal Defense Information page.


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