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Lafayette, Louisiana Robbery Attorney

Our criminal defense law firm provides experienced defense against all Louisiana robbery charges, including simple robbery, first degree robbery, second degree robbery, purse snatching, attempted armed robbery, armed robbery and carjacking.

In Louisiana, robbery charges are considered violent crimes with potentially very long prison sentences. If you are accused of robbery in Louisiana, do not hesitate to call criminal attorney Thomas V. Alonzo at (337) 704-2165 for a free, confidential consultation about your defense.

How We Can Help You

Our firm specializes in representing people charged with serious felonies such as robbery in Lafayette, Acadiana and Louisiana. We take a personalized approach to criminal defense. We will work with you to prepare the best defense for your particular situation and examine all possibilities for your defense. The defense strategy can include hiring investigators to locate witnesses and evidence, working with experts, interviewing witnesses and talking to the arresting officer.

Contact Us for Legal Help

Contact the Thomas V. Alonzo Law Firm to schedule a consultation about your legal options. Experienced defense against all Louisiana robbery charges. (337) 704-2615

All situations are different and a specific outcome cannot be guaranteed, but Mr. Alonzo has gotten many reduced sentences and not guilty verdicts in his 20 plus career as a criminal defense attorney. When you have a serious charge, you need an attorney that has extensive criminal and courtroom experience. Mr. Alonzo is in court every week defending his clients and whether its best for you to fight your charge or negotiate a plea, Mr. Alonzo has the knowledge and skill to aggressively defend you.

How Robbery Is Different from Theft

In Louisiana, robbery criminal charges have separate laws from other theft charges. Robbery is taking something physically from a person, while theft is taking something that is not in a person’s immediate possession. For example, grabbing a woman’s purse as she walks by is robbery because she is holding the purse. But taking a purse left on a park bench is theft since the woman is not holding or around the purse. For more information about Louisiana theft charges, please see our theft defense page.

Robbery charges are usually more serious than theft charges because there is the use of force or the threat of force to separate the person from their belongings. In this sense, robbery is a “violent crime” even if a weapon is not actually involved. Violent crimes are punished more severely than non-violent crimes and almost always include prison time, if you are convicted. So if you are charged with a violent offense, you need to fight aggressively for your freedom.

Types of Robbery Charges in Louisiana

All robbery charges are felonies since they are considered violent offenses. If you are charged with robbery in Louisiana, you will be facing one of the following felony criminal charges:

Louisiana Simple Robbery

Simple robbery is taking something of value from another using force or intimidation but not while armed with a weapon, while the person is in control of the item. Sentence if convicted is a fine of $3,000, or prison up to 7 years, or both.

Louisiana Purse Snatching

Purse Snatching is defined as taking a purse or an item from a purse or wallet directly from the person using force or intimidation but not a weapon OR by the act of “snatching.” The purse or wallet must be in the person’s “immediate control” or in other words, the person is holding the purse or near it. Prison sentence is 2 years to 20 years.

Louisiana First Degree Robbery Charge

If a person does not actually have a weapon but gives the impression that they are armed, the charge is first degree robbery. For example, if a person presses an object into the victim’s back and says give me your money or I will shoot you, the victim can reasonably believe that the person is armed even if the object is not actually a gun. Prison sentence is 3 years to 40 years, without benefit of parole or sentence suspension.

Louisiana Second Degree Robbery Charge

Second degree robbery is robbery when no weapon is involved but the victim is seriously injured. Louisiana law defines serious bodily injury as “unconsciousness, extreme physical pain or protracted and obvious disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, organ, or mental faculty, or a substantial risk of death.” Prison sentence is a minimum of 3 years to 40 years.

Carjacking Charges in Louisiana

Carjacking is taking a car when a person is in the car or around the car with the use of force or intimidation. Stealing a car that is not occupied is theft, not robbery. Prison sentence is 2 to 20 years, without benefit of parole or suspension.

Louisiana Armed Robbery and Attempted Armed Robbery

Armed Robbery is robbery when a weapon is used. The weapon can be a gun, knife, or any object that can be considered a “dangerous weapon.” Prison sentence is 10 to 99 years, without benefit of parole or suspension. An additional 5 years of prison time can be added to the sentence if the weapon used is a firearm. If the robbery is attempted but not successful, the charge can be Attempted armed robbery with a prison sentence of 5 to 50 years, without benefit of parole or suspension, plus an additional 5 years if a firearm is used.

Other Charges

If the victim is injured during a robbery, there will be other criminal charges in addition to the robbery charge. There could be charges of or aggravated battery or attempted murder, or murder if the victim is actually killed. Especially if you are facing additional criminal charges, the time to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer is NOW.

If you are accused of a robbery charge in Louisiana, you should seek expert legal advice immediately to fight for your freedom. Conviction of robbery can bring a lifelong prison sentence, so this is when you need to have a criminal defense attorney with real skills and extensive jury experience on your side. Please call our office at (337) 704-2615 right away to schedule a free initial consultation.


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