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Louisiana Probation and Parole Attorney

Assistance with Probation Requirements, Violations and Revocations

Louisiana criminal defense lawyer Thomas V. Alonzo provides experienced representation for all probation and parole issues including:

Negotiating with the judge and district attorney to obtain probation

Negotiating for better probation terms — less supervision, less stringent conditions, shorter probationary period

Representing you at revocation hearings

Probation instead of Prison

If you are eligible, Thomas V. Alonzo can help you negotiate with the District Attorney and judge to get probation rather than prison time. In situations where you are facing several charges stemming from a single incident, with some of the charges being misdemeanors and others being felony charges, it is often possible to have some of the charges dismissed or reduced. Reducing a felony charge to a misdemeanor charge can open up the possibility of probation. If there is a jury trial, Mr. Alonzo could argue that there is reasonable doubt of the defendant’s guilt and ask the jury to consider a lesser charge. So for example, the jury could return a conviction for simple robbery rather than armed robbery, making the possibility of probation much more likely. Call the criminal defense Law Firm of Thomas V. Alonzo for a free consultation.

Need Legal Help?

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Supervised and Unsupervised Probation

If you are eligible for probation, Mr. Alonzo will try to negotiate for a shorter probationary period and less supervision. There are two types of probation: supervised and unsupervised. With supervised probation, you will need to report to a probation officer, who will be responsible for making sure you fulfill all of the requirements of your probation.

Oversight can be moderate to high, depending on the person’s specific probation requirements, but can include unscheduled home visits, home and car searches, and random drug tests. There can be a curfew and limitations to where you can go, and you might have to wear a GPS ankle monitor so the probation officer can see where you are at any time. With unsupervised probation, you can fulfill the probation requirements without meeting with the probation officer.

Reducing the Amount of Supervision

Whether probation is supervised or unsupervised, and the degree of supervision, will be decided by the judge during the sentencing phase. Criminal defense lawyer Thomas V. Alonzo will represent you during sentencing to secure the least stringent probation conditions possible for you. Even after sentencing, if you have successfully fulfilled all of your probation conditions for a certain period of time (i.e. a year), Thomas V. Alonzo may be able to ask the judge to review your probation requirements to require less supervision.

Probation Violations

Probation can potentially last a long time – sometimes for years — and during that time, you will need to stay out of trouble. An arrest, even for a minor charge, could result in the reinstatement of your prison sentence. Probation attorney Thomas V. Alonzo has 20 years of experience defending clients who are in danger of having their probation revoked. Mr. Alonzo will represent you in front of the probation officer and judge and will work aggressively to preserve your freedom.

If you need help getting probation or negotiating for more favorable probation conditions, or you are in violation of your probation conditions, contact the Law Office of Thomas V. Alonzo.

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