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Louisiana Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer

Lafayette, LA Homicide and Murder Charge Attorney

Murder, homicide, manslaughter and other felony violent crimes are the most serious criminal charges. If you have been arrested for a violent felony, you are facing the possibility of significant jail time. Depending on the crime, the prison sentence can be decades in jail, life in prison or even death.

Felony lawyer Thomas V. Alonzo believes in the criminal justice system and knows that every defendant deserves a strong and competent legal defense. For over 20 years, the Thomas V. Alonzo Law Firm has represented clients charged with all violent felonies including manslaughter, homicide, first degree murder, second degree murder, kidnapping, domestic abuse, and aggravated battery. Whatever your charge, Mr. Alonzo has the skill and experience to examine all of the facts and prepare an aggressive legal defense for you. Mr. Alonzo is one of a select group of Louisiana attorneys who are board-certified Capital Defenders, licensed to handle capital offenses such as first degree murder.

Initial Consultations are Free

Serious charges require a strong defense. Contact the Thomas V. Alonzo Law Firm to schedule a confidential consultation. (337) 704-2615

Comprehensive Legal Defense

Criminal attorney Thomas V. Alonzo handles all cases personally and will prepare a legal strategy specifically for you. Mr. Alonzo will conduct a full investigation into the facts, which can include interviewing law enforcement officers, visiting the crime scene, talking to witnesses, hiring a private investigator, and hiring any experts necessary for your defense including ballistics, forensic, medical, and crime scene reconstruction experts.

Fighting for Your Freedom

Thomas V. Alonzo has represented numerous clients charged with violent felonies and has obtained reduced charges, dropped charges and lighter sentences for his clients. While it is impossible to guarantee a specific outcome, if Thomas V. Alonzo represents you, you can be confident of skilled, knowledgeable and experienced defense. Mr. Alonzo will personally meet with you to discuss your case and explain your legal options.

Not Guilty Verdict

“I had faith in the system, in my lawyer, and I knew the facts and evidence in the case. I felt justice was going to prevail and my name would be cleared,”

J. Rolls, Louisiana

Client found Not Guilty of Manslaughter by a jury in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana

Contact Us to Talk About Your Defense

If you have been arrested for a violent felony, you need competent legal representation immediately. You will need an experienced attorney to mount an aggressive defense against your charge. Please call the Law Firm of Thomas V. Alonzo to see how we can help you. (337) 704-2615

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