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Louisiana Drug Charge Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Against All Drug Crimes

Criminal defense lawyer Thomas V. Alonzo has 20 years of experience defending clients charged with all misdemeanor and felony drug crimes including:

DRUG POSSESSION – marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, club drugs

Drug Lawyer Thomas Alonzo Will Prepare a Strong Legal Defense

Criminal defense attorney Thomas V. Alonzo will mount an aggressive defense against your drug charge. It is not uncommon for a drug-related arrest to be made after a routine traffic stop or other unrelated incident. In this case, Mr. Alonzo will investigate all of the facts to determine whether there was probable cause for a stop and search and if the vehicle or home was searched legally. If your car or property was seized during the arrest, Mr. Alonzo can assist you with your forfeiture claim.

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Getting Improper Drug Charges Reduced

welcometolouisianaA defendant may be facing charges that are inappropriate for what actually occurred. Instead of being charged with drug possession, for example, a defendant could be charged with intent to distribute drugs, which is a felony. The arresting officer may not be sure whether the defendant has drugs for their own use or if there is intent to sell, or who actually owns the drugs or drug paraphernalia. In this instance, the officer might arrest multiple individuals or arrest an individual on several charges. Mr. Alonzo will work hard to discover what actually happened and will try to get the improper charges reduced or dropped.

Louisiana Drug Court

In Louisiana, it may be possible for a person convicted of a less serious drug charge to be diverted to drug court. In drug court, the offender will get probation with requirements for regular drug testing, education and treatment in lieu of going to prison. If you are eligible, Mr. Alonzo can help you negotiate with the judge and district attorney for drug court diversion.

Drug Charges in Louisiana, Mississippi and the Gulf South

Mr. Alonzo practices law in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas and can represent clients charged with inter-state drug offenses, including trafficking and distribution, while traveling on interstate highways — such as I-10, I-20, I-59, I-55 — through these states.

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