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The Legal Blog of Thomas V. Alonzo

When Owning a Gun is a Crime in Louisiana

Louisiana Criminal Gun Possession Charges While Louisiana is generally considered to be a gun-friendly state, there are two categories of people who cannot legally own a firearm:  A person convicted of certain felony crimes including crimes of violence, sex crimes,…

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Social Media Issues for Nurses

Nurses Need to Be Careful Using Social Media Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, nursing forums, etc. are very effective ways to connect with other people, network for business and keep up with friends and family.…

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Louisiana Drunk Driving Charges

Under Louisiana law, drunk driving is "operating a vehicle while intoxicated."  A "vehicle" can be a car but can also be a boat, truck, plane, or motorcycle. Intoxication can refer to alcohol but can also be impairment caused by drugs,…

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Justice for Dontrelon Thomas

The judicial process is sometimes slow and sometimes complicated, but justice can prevail in the end. After a hard-fought jury trial, Dontrelon Thomas was found guilty of armed robbery and faced a possible prison sentence of 10-99 years. During the…

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