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Drug Testing as Part of Your Nursing License Defense

Drug offenses are one of the top reasons a nurse can be faced with allegations of misconduct. Because drug issues are so common, the nursing board tends to suspect that a nurse has a problem with drugs whenever there is a complaint of any kind.

sample drug test form showing negative results

Complaint Does Not Have to Be Drug-Related

If you are not properly documenting, not showing up for work, or have received a complaint from a patient — the nursing board will immediately be suspicious of drug use. It is similar to when the police see a driver swerve a little in the lane. They will suspect that the driver has been drinking or is under the influence of drugs, whether this is true or not. Any slight deviation from the professional conduct is like a “swerve” and will make the nursing board suspect drug use.

Get a Drug Test if Possible

I always recommend to my nursing clients that they get tested for drugs as a precautionary measure. If there is an allegation against you, of any kind, I recommend that you take a drug test if you feel that the test will come back negatively. Additionally, if there is an incident at work that could result in a complaint, it is a good idea for an RN or LPN to immediately go and take a drug test. Negative results will show the nursing board that you were clean at the time of the alleged event. You may not need the results, but it is far better to be proactive in this situation.


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