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Introducing Louisiana Criminal Defense FAQs

Many of my criminal defense clients and their families ask similar questions — What diversion programs are available? Am I eligible? What about work release, GPS monitoring, and day reporting programs?  Could I enter a drug diversion program?  Where do I go for my court mandated drug tests? How do I contact an inmate?  What are jail visiting hours?

To help answer these questions, we have created a new Louisiana Criminal Defense FAQ page with information and links for programs and resources in Lafayette Parish, Acadiana and Louisiana.  There are directions and parking information for the Lafayette Parish Courthouse and Lafayette City Court. The page also has information about the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s program STOP, a jail diversion program, the fees and conditions for the Lafayette Parish Diversion Program, the Louisiana Sex Offender Registry, and the Lafayette Parish Day Reporting Center.  We will be adding information regularly, so please bookmark this page and check back.

As always, if you would like to ask questions about your specific criminal defense issue, please fee free to call my criminal defense law office in Lafayette, Louisiana for a free initial consultation: (337) 704-2615.

Thomas Alonzo

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