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Prison Sentences for Crimes Against the Person in Mississippi

Under the Mississippi Code of Criminal Proceedings, there is a category of charges called “crimes against the person.” These crimes involve violence or the threat of violence to a person, abduction, confinement or intimidation. In this post, I will be examining the prison sentence guidelines for homicide, manslaughter, robbery and carjacking.

The most serious crime against the person is of course homicide. Every person who is convicted of capitol murder in Mississippi will be sentenced to either:

1.       Death penalty

2.        Life imprisonment in the state penitentiary without parole

3.       Life imprisonment in the state penitentiary with eligibility of parole

A death penalty sentence is generally reserved for cases that are considered particularly horrific or that involve related felonies.

Manslaughter is a lesser murder charge and carries reduced jail time.  Manslaughter can be an unpremeditated murder such as a crime of passion or murder without an intent to kill – an example would be a death caused by a drunk driving accident. A conviction of manslaughter in Mississippi will result in one of the following:

1.       A fine  of not less than $500 and/or imprisonment in the county jail for not more than 1 year

2.        Imprisonment in the state penitentiary for 2 years to 20 years

Some theft crimes are considered crimes against the person because violence or the threat of violence is involved in the theft. Robbery is the taking of something from the person with violent contact or the threat of violence.  A person convicted of robbery in Mississippi will be sentenced to imprisonment in the state penitentiary for up to 15 years.

Robbery with the use of a deadly weapon – taking property from another person by showing or using a weapon – can carry longer prison sentences in Mississippi.

1.       A jury can bring a penalty of life in the state penitentiary

2.       If the jury does not stipulate a life sentence, the court can impose a sentence of not less than 3 years.

So in other words, the sentence for armed robbery can be anything from 3 years to life in prison, depending on who sentences you – the jury or the judge.

Carjacking is considered a crime against the person because the motor vehicle is taken from the victim’s immediate possession. Stealing an unoccupied car, on the other hand, would be grand theft auto rather than carjacking.  The penalty for carjacking or attempted carjacking in Mississippi is:

1.       Fine of up to $5,000

2.       Prison sentence of up to 15 years

Armed carjacking, which is carjacking with any kind of dangerous weapon, carries stiffer penalties:

1.       Fine of up to $10,000

2.       Prison sentence of up to 30 years

For more information about Mississippi crimes against the person, you may call my Mississippi criminal defense law firm for a free consultation. Call(601) 944-1980 in Jackson, MS.

Thomas Alonzo

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