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How Much Arrest and Conviction Will Cost

When people complain about the “high cost of crime” they are referring to the cost to society, but they could also be talking about the cost to the defendant. The cost of navigating the criminal justice process can be substantial, even for fairly minor offenses. Expenses can include bail, attorney’s fees, fines, restitution, probation fees and (if you are eligible) the cost of expungement.

Bail:  The arrested defendant will need to pay approximately 10% of the bail amount to the bail bondsman.  A good criminal defense attorney can often negotiate with the judge at a bail reduction hearing to reduce your bond amount, which will save you money, especially if a bond reduction allows you to pay the court yourself or eliminate bail entirely.

Criminal Defense: A criminal defense lawyer will usually charge a flat fee to represent you, based on the crime, your criminal history, and specifics of the case. Fees are usually pretty standard, but not always. A lawyer could charge more or less depending on their experience, the amount of work needed to defend you, and the cost of experts.

Restitution:  If convicted, the offender’s sentence may include reimbursing the victim for financial losses that resulted from the crime. Restitution is usually for expenses like medical bills and property damage.

Fines and Court Fees:  The offender will be required to pay various fees and fines, usually ranging from $250 to $1,000.

Probation: If the convicted person receives supervised probation, he or she will have to probationary fees as well as the costs for required classes and drug tests.  In Mississippi, the monthly fee for supervised probation is around $40 and in Louisiana the monthly fee is usually $50.

Expungement: Finally, if you are eligible for expungement, you can pay a court fee and the expungment attorney’s fee to have your charge sealed.

Bail, fees, restitution and lawyer’s fees can be high, but when you call my criminal defense law firm, the initial consultation is always free.

Thomas Alonzo

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